● More than 1040 individually encased pocket coils per 2 square meters in 7 zones ● Stainless steel springs 1.3/1.4mm strength and 7 turns, 12 (select) / 18 (full) cm height ● Top and bottom 2.5 (select / 5 (full) cm high density foam 28kg/cbm ● Knitted ticking (flame retardant BS 7177 and EN 597-1 and -2) with 1cm top and bottom 230gsm fabric quilted with 330 gsm poly ● Felt layer between foam and coil unit, side support through solid 5 cm foam box (28kg/cbm) around all 4 sides ● Climate ribbon, and removable, washable cover ♻ Marriott mattress all brands with 30cm height

Highly recommended

Amazing mattress truly feels like i'm sleeping on something else

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