Feather is what we all know and has the small bone in the middle that is connected to the “hairs” or follicles of the bird.

Down is a cluster of follicles that comes from the breast or neck of the bird it is what fills the product the most. Provides more warmth and softness

The Duck as an animal is smaller than the goose therefore its down and feathers are smaller. They provide less filling and warmth in the product. The Goose since it’s a bigger animal is feathers and down are bigger softer and provides more warmth. With that being said we hold this into account in production, so that regardless if you choose duck or goose our products will get the job done. Keep you warm, and cozy at night.

No animals are harmed in any process of production, our products don't are all by-products which means we can not hurt an animal for the purpose of using it’s feathers. These feathers and down are all responsibly sourced and we import them from Germany. Our feathers are treated and are anti-allergic. the duvets cotton is downproof to  prevent any feather or down from getting out of the duvet.

This depends on the use of the duvet. 90% down, 10% feather ( winter)

This duvet is lighter in weight and very warm (winter duvet ) . Tog 14

recommended for cold weather or Air conditioned rooms.

30% down, 70% feather (all year)

This duvet is of average weight due to the balanced mixture of down and feather and keeps you warm all year . Tog 10

recommended for cold weather and will keep you warm in the winter and summer without sweating or being to cold.

5% down, 95% feather

This duvet is of good weight due to the heavy content of the feather that keeps you warm . Tog 4. Recommended for warm weather and will keep you comfortable without sweating or being too cold.

You can pick the pillow based on the level of firmness that we give them : medium, soft, hard.

However Our bestseller and the pillow that we supply to most hotels world wide is the compartmented pillow. That has 3 layers top and bottom filled with 90% down which is very soft and an inner chamber filled with 95% feather in order to support your neck. ( we recommend sleeping with two pillows for each person).

The feather topper has a medium volume/thickness therefore softer than the fiber topper since it's filled with feather it offers the ultimate softness experience. however both are comfortable and will ease you into sleep by laying on this layer of softness over your mattress.

The fiber topper has a higher volume/thickness therefore firmer than the feather topper since fiber is more compact and offers more filling however both are comfortable and will ease you into sleep by laying on this layer of softness.

Our pillows and duvets are filled with different materials for different purposes. 

The more down in a product the more expensive it will be due to the high quality of down and it’s uses ( very soft, light in weight and provides more warmth) so the compartmented pillow and winter duvet will have a higher down content. 

Also depends on the type of feather and down wether its goose or duck feather and down. Or if it’s hybrid or fiber.

All our fillers ( pillows, duvets , toppers ) and mattresses have a 10 year warranty our beds have a 5 year warranty and the linens 3 years. Warranty is valid against production defects and not miss usage of products.